Kerrville Robotics Alliance send Fellowship to the World Championship!

Kerrville turned out to support the Fellowship of the Robot and send 15 Kerrville students to compete on the world stage in robotics. Before the World Championship, the Fellowship was ranked #2 in the South and #53 in the world out of 10,000+ teams!

From little ol’ Kerrville, Texas. These students earned support from the community and discovered how generous Kerrville can be to students who work hard (5-6 hours per week since forever) to learn engineering, programming, CAD, communications, design, and more.

The Kerrville Robotics Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so all donations were tax deductible.

In order to qualify for the World Championship, the Fellowship placed second in the Alamo Regional Competition in New Braunfels. Competing against teams from Austin funded by Dell, Amazon, and Google, the Fellowship held their own, feverishly repairing breakdowns between matches and looking for strategic alliances with other robot teams.

During one match, the Fellowship’s alliance earned 437 points, which was a world record for the event just a few weeks ago. This means their alliance scored right up there with the best performing robots in the entire United States!

If you are interested in supporting the Fellowship or any of the robotics teams in Kerrville and the surrounding hill country, please visit our paypal donation page. The Kerrville Robotics Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving our community.

Donations from the community allowed the alliance to transport 15 high school students, two coaches, the robot, and their pit area for four days and four nights to the World Championship in Houston where they competed with teams from all over the world at the event–China, Turkey, Jordan, and many more.

Watch the video above for an example of a FIRST Tech Challenge match.

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