Kerrville Starts Its Rookie Year!

Yesterday morning, we hosted our first First Orientation meeting at the Goodyear household. Several families came over to learn about the First Lego League, how it works, the core values, and what to expect for this year. We had some great pastries from Our Town Bakery, reviewed the program and the robotics kit, and had an hour of Lego Free Play.

Since it is our rookie year, we are making some simple goals for this season.

  1. Form an FLL team (5-10 students in grades 4-8) and a JFLL team (3-6 students in grades 1-3).
  2. Build some robots, put together a good research project, and uphold the core values.
  3. Attend a competition in San Antonio as part of the Alamo First.

We have already registered two teams. We already have one robotics kit with several test robots under our belt.

This Thursday, Sept. 6, we’re having a follow up orientation at the Goodyear house for anyone who is interested.

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